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ADHD Solutions can provide you with expert knowledge, advice and training to help give a better knowledge and understanding of what ADHD is, its presentation, and the reasons for this. We offer practical ideas and strategies to help to manage children and young people most effectively in your setting.

School Teacher

Training Offer

Our training offer for Education includes:

Whole School ADHD Awareness Training

Our training has two key aims. Firstly to enhance your knowledge, understanding and confidence, and secondly to provide you with practical day-to-day ideas and strategies to manage children and young people with ADHD as effectively as possible.

We explore what ADHD is, how it presents and why. This includes how the ADHD brain works, executive functions, diagnosis, medication and the positive traits of ADHD. The strategies we discuss are ADHD-appropriate but have a much wider application. We look at whole class management as well as more targeted support.

Our experience is that whole school training lays a strong foundation to build on if everyone has the same level of knowledge - and helps when we have more detailed discussions about individual students after that.

We provide you with copies of the PowerPoint slides, plus quick-reference guides.

Awareness Package 1 (up to 2-hours)

<30 participants - £375.00

30+ participants - £500.00

Awareness Package 2 (up to 4-hours)

<30 participants - £500.00

30+ participants - £675.00

Awareness Package 3 (up to 6-hours)

<30 participants - £700.00

30+ participants - £950.00

123 Magic

We are licensed to deliver the school version of this simple but effective behaviour management system. It is designed to connect more effectively not only with children who have ADHD, and works extremely well for day-to-day classroom management. Nb. 123 Magic is recommended for ages 2-12, so is ideal for the primary school setting, but we can provide age-appropriate behaviour management training that build on the same basic principles for secondary schools.​

123 Magic (4-hours, can be delivered as two x 2-hours)

<30 participants - £500.00

30+ participants - £675.00

Implementation support from an ADHD Specialist Coach - £500 per half-day


"It left me feeling very inspired - want to learn more - to put into practice. ADHD Solutions put a lot of effort and care into their presentation, Just a huge thank you from us all ... A really excellent presentation."
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