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ADHD Solutions works with Children, young people and adults, diagnosed or suspected of having ADHD and we need you're help.

We need to do everything we can to help maintain the support that we offer, especially as we now have over 3,000 families on our mailing list. We currently have very little external funding, so the reality is that our services could become more and more reduced, and would result in us not being able to provide what families with ADHD really need.  

ADHD Solutions CIC is one of the few organisations in the country supporting families and individuals with ADHD. We are uniquely placed, delivering an independent service which delivers all the non-pharmacological interventions that are recommended in the NICE Guidelines for the management of ADHD. We meet the needs of families, working in close collaboration and partnership with both the statutory and voluntary sectors across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

  • £20 would pay for a 2 children to attend an activity day

  • £100 would pay to heat the building for 1 month

If you would like to help and support our fundraising, there are are number of ways you can donate.

All donations are massively appreciated!


Thank you!


Make a donation via Paypal by clicking 'Donate' below

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Make a donation via Local Giving by clicking 'Donate Now' below


You can help us to raise funds every time you shop or search the Internet!

Up to 15% of each purchase you make from a whole range of more than 4,000 shops / services will be donated to ADHD Solutions.


We have a clothing bank in our car park at St Gabriel's and receive 50p per kilogram for donated items. That's £10 for about a suitcase full! To date we have raised more than £2000!

We are collecting:

  • Clean clothing

  • Paired shoes

  • Bed linen and blankets

  • Belts

  • Handbags

* Please note that spoiled clothing, quilts and pillows cannot be included.

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