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Quality Mark

The ADHD Solutions Schools' Quality Mark is a robust and supportive assessment and evaluation process for UK schools of any size designed to recognise those that demonstrate a high level of commitment to continuous improvement in ADHD support. Our Quality Mark framework is built on an evidence-based whole-school approach around key 'ADHD support' principles that assist you to create, extend, and embed a culture of learning and growth. It is a development experience for those schools and leadership teams seeking excellence and bringing about positive change - for their students, parents / carers, workforce, and the wider school community. Schools progress through the Quality Mark process collaboratively in small cohorts of 4 to 8 delegates over an academic year involving several stages

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Step by Step


Expression of Interest

If you're interested in pursuing the Quality Mark, simply send us an Expression of Interest when you're ready. This brief form only takes a few minutes to complete, and it offers us valuable insights into your educational setting and experiences. By taking this initial step, you can expect one of our team to reach out to you for a more detailed discussion about the Quality Mark.


Initial Visit

To start the process in earnest, we will conduct an initial visit to your setting to support you to assess your current practices, standards, and arrangements for addressing ADHD. Through this assessment, we will identify both the areas where you currently excel and the opportunities for improvement, all of which align with the criteria outlined in the Quality Mark framework.


Whole School Training

To establish baseline knowledge and skills in supporting ADHD in your school community, a qualified trainer will provide whole-school awareness training on ADHD at your setting. This training is designed to involve teachers, support staff, and administrators, and will foster discussions on ADHD, promoting a collaborative approach to completing the Quality Mark.


Coaching and Support

During your involvement, you will be provided with several resources to aid you in your Quality Mark journey, including facilitated Network Meetings with the peer schools in your Cohort, 8-hours of personalised consultancy support, and a toolkit of ADHD resources. This adaptable approach ensures that you receive the support you require to advance in a manner that is tailored to the specific requirements of your setting.



As your involvement nears its end, you will be required to submit a completed Quality Mark framework and school story template for independent evaluation. Your submission will present compelling evidence of your compliance with the minimum Quality Mark award standards, as well as highlighting areas for ongoing improvement in future years that you can also share with others.



Once you meet the required standards, you will be awarded the ADHD Solutions Schools' Quality Mark. You can then display the Quality Mark logo and plaque in your setting to indicate that it has been independently evaluated and meets high quality standards with regards to ADHD. This can aid in fostering confidence within the school community and set your school apart from others.


Community of Practice

Upon completion of the Quality Mark process, you will be granted access to our facilitated Community of Practice, providing you with ongoing opportunities to collaborate and network with your peers. Through this forum, you can exchange ideas, share knowledge and expertise, and provide mutual support and encouragement to one another.

Start your journey...

When you're ready to explore the Quality Mark in more detail, complete and send us this contact form or email

One of our consultants will contact you within two working days to arrange a meeting where we can explore the Quality Mark in more detail together.

Thanks for submitting!

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