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Complaints Policy

A copy of our current complaints policy can be downloaded here.

Complaints Policy (updated March 2022)

ADHD Solutions CIC values feedback from our stakeholders – funders, members, partners and supporters, the other individuals and organisations we work with and on behalf of, and our service users.

Having a policy and procedure for handling feedback from our stakeholders is an important part of strengthening ADHD Solutions CIC’s transparency and accountability and we take seriously any comments or complaints we receive.

Learning from those who affect or are affected by aspects of our work can help us to improve our performance and we encourage and sometimes request feedback from all our stakeholders.

This policy is guided by the following principles:

  • respect for the person giving feedback

  • confidentiality

  • commitment to learn from feedback.

What does this policy cover?

This policy covers feedback from all our Stakeholders relating to:

ADHD Solutions CIC’s mission and values, strategies, policies, objectives, decisions, activities, services, governance, performance, use of resources, and behaviour of our staff and volunteers and Directors of the Board.

This policy does not cover feedback from staff, volunteers or Board of Directors. This is governed by other internal policies.

Feedback: comment or complaint?

Feedback is a positive or negative comment, or a more formalised complaint, from a stakeholder.

This policy distinguishes between two types of external feedback:

(a) comment; and (b) complaint.

A comment is an expression of satisfaction or dissatisfaction, or a suggestion for improvement.

A complaint is a more formal claim that ADHD SOLUTIONS CIC has failed to meet an organisational commitment.

The procedures for dealing with comments and complaints differ as follows:

  • A comment is acknowledged (in writing or orally), is recorded, and is used to help the organisation to learn

  • A complaint prompts a more formal process aiming for resolution.


  • A complaint requires an investigation, followed by a formal response to the person making the complaint. Complaints are also recorded in the Complaints Log and used to foster organisational learning.

Investigating a complaint uses ADHD Solutions CIC’s limited resources, so we expect the person who is making the complaint to:


  • provide as much information as possible;

  • be willing to be contacted and engage in the complaints process, if necessary;

  • understand that making a complaint triggers a more formal process than a comment which simply expresses a point of view or criticises our work.

Dealing with comments and complaints from stakeholders

ADHD Solutions CIC values feedback from our stakeholders whether good or bad, because listening to other’s views will help improve our work as an organisation.

We seek to deal with comments or complaints in a respectful, open and responsible way: this is integral to our commitment to transparency and accountability.

Feedback provided by or concerning a person under 18 will be dealt with in the strictest confidence and in accordance with ADHD Solutions CIC’s Safeguarding and Child Protection policies.

ADHD Solutions CIC will consider anonymous feedback and will take it into account and use it as an opportunity to learn but we cannot respond to anonymous feedback.

We may choose not to respond to feedback which:


  • is abusive or offensive;

  • seeks to bypass the stages of the complaints procedure outlined in this document:


  • is repeatedly stated in a manner not conducive to resolution.

Feedback can be made in the most convenient way for the individual - mail, phone or email.

All feedback should be acknowledged within 7 working days and reply to complaints within 20 working days.

There is a similar response-time for each of the two stages of the complaints procedure.

If further investigation is required to enable us to respond and if we envisage that it will take longer to resolve the complaint, we will explain in writing what actions still need to be taken and how long it is likely to take before we can reply in full.

Dissatisfaction with Response

We will do our best to ensure that any person making a complaint is satisfied with the way we handle it but if the complainant is unhappy with our response in Stage 1, they can write to the Directors (Stage 2) within 20 days of receiving our written response. The Directors will consider the appeal and what further action may be taken and will respond within 20 working days.

The Board will not reply to complaints which have not been through Stages 1.

At Stage 2, the written decision of the Board is deemed to be final and the matter will be officially closed.

If the complainant is still dissatisfied with the final appeal outcome and believe the decision constitutes a breach of the law, they can complain to: The Office Manager, Office of the Regulator of Community Interest Companies, 2nd Floor Companies House Crown Way Cardiff CF14 3UZ, providing the details listed in the Complaints about community interest companies document May 2016 at

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