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Children and Young People

Children and young people play an active role in their own ADHD by developing self-awareness, participating in treatment, learning coping skills, communicating their needs, advocating for themselves, taking responsibility, building resilience, and celebrating their strengths. Empowering the child to take an active role helps them develop self-confidence and a sense of control over their ADHD. Please note, whilst we try and maintain our services as free access to families, depending on our funding at the time of your referral to us, some may require payment or a contribution to access.

Children in Classroom

Young People Workshops

All About ADHD for Children & Young People


The aim of this course is to give your child a better understanding of their diagnosis with emphasis on the positive traits of ADHD and introduce basic strategies that will help with areas of their life they may find challenging.

ADHD Anxiety and Me:


Anxiety can be a common hurdle for children and young people with ADHD. Building on the strategies gained on the All About ADHD course, this course gives our children and young people the means to recognise how they are affected by low level anxiety and ways to help them manage their stress and anxiety at home, school and in the wider community.

Get a Grip for Young People


A programme of training aimed at teens and young adults transitioning from secondary school, and on to college and the workplace. Focus is placed on understanding the responsibilities that come with greater independence, including relationships, managing your own finances and the need for stronger time management, planning and organisation.​


A QbCheck is a screening tool that provides information on likelihood of ADHD-like symptoms. QbCheck results can be used:

  • To support a clinical decision by a GP to refer, or not, for a full assessment of the child’s symptoms by community Paediatrics / CAMHS, and a copy of the report can be included with the referral.

  • To support a school’s decision to make a SPA referral, evidence for SEN support / EHCP.

  • Parents can take the report to their GP to support their request for an assessment referral for their child, utilising the results as additional evidence. Also providing reassurance that ADHD-like symptoms are present and to what degree.

More information about QbChecks can be found here.

Young People Activities

An important part of the services we offer our children and young people are our activity programmes. During the half term breaks and summer holidays we deliver a variety of activities involving interests that will help introduce new challenges, help to develop social skills, improve self- esteem, help to develop team building skills and give children and young people the opportunity to make great friends with young people across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland with similar experiences and challenges.

We offer a range of events and activities for young people to try, from various creative and expressive arts to sports and adventurous pursuits. We have seen great success over the years with our outdoor and adventurous activities, with huge interest in climbing, canoeing / kayaking, hillwalking and more recently, bush craft taster days. Young people have discovered many new talents with our arts and crafts activity days with our young people making a variety of wonderful creations with concrete, wood paint and fabrics. As we start moving back to face to face events, we hope to explore opportunities in music, dance, drama and literature as well as continue to offer the firm favourites on our programme of events.

Our holiday activities are open to our members and are suitable for children aged 8 years and over. If you are unsure whether our activities are for you, here is a little snippet from Summer 2022, taken from one of our days at Beaumanor Hall!

Upcoming Events

The following events and activities are available to our Members.

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