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An increasing number of adults are recognising that they may have ADHD. Often this will be parents who have attended our 'All About ADHD' session and found they relate to more aspects of what ADHD is than they had previously realised. For others it could be due to something they’ve read, seen or heard from books, TV or YouTube, that has triggered their thinking about ADHD.

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Adult Services

Our adult services include:

  • Our monthly support group provides an opportunity for any adult who is either diagnosed or suspects that they may have ADHD to come along and share ideas and experiences in a supportive group of adults. It's completely free to attend. We currently operate 3 Adult Support Groups 

    • The City based face-to-face group is the first Wednesday of each month held at St Gabriels Community Centre in Leicester between 7.00pm and 9.00pm.

    • The virtual group is the second Monday of each month held via Microsoft Teams between 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

    • The Loughborough face-to-face group is held on the 3rd Thursday of each month at the Loughborough Wellbeing Centre (LE11 2TZ) from 10am until 12pm.


  • Our coaching sessions can be for personal challenges or for strategies to use in the workplace. These sessions allow you to develop a greater understanding of ADHD and how it affects you personally, and find appropriate day to day strategies. More information about coaching can be found here.

Referral Process

To make a self-referral or a professional referral, please email and request a referral form. Once you have completed your referral form with all details please return it to We will then be able to confirm the support you will be able to access.


A QbCheck is a screening tool that provides information on likelihood of ADHD-like symptoms. QbCheck results can be used to support a clinical decision by a GP to refer, or not, for a full assessment of an adult's symptoms by Adult Mental Health Services, and a copy of the report can be included with the referral. More information about QbChecks can be found here.

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