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Targeted Support

ADHD Solutions can provide additional capacity and support for specific staff and / or students. By working closely, our expert coaches can help individuals understand and develop their unique strengths and challenges. Through this personalised approach, we boost their confidence, improve their performance, and enable them to thrive in the educational environment.


Targeted Support Services

We offer a variety of targeted support services within the Education sector. This includes:

  • 1-2-1 staff coaching for more targeted support for individual children, this coaching is aimed to support any staff members who interact with the children.

  • 1-2-1 coaching with children and young people to gain knowledge and understanding of their ADHD and to build strategies to help the young people manage behaviours in school.

  • Bespoke staff workshops (1-hour) for smaller groups (e.g., SLT, lunchtime supervisors) or specific areas (e.g., ADHD with co-existing / overlapping conditions. Includes support to action plan where appropriate (£200.00 per workshop).

  • Group work with students to target specific needs (£100.00 per hour for 2-3 young people; £175.00 per hour for 4+ young people).

  • Classroom observations (1-hour) with verbal feedback (£100.00) or a written report (£175.00).

  • We can attend meetings to offer support and advice (£50.00 per hour).

  • We can deliver QbChecks and give the results and verbal feedback.


For more information on costs and bookings please contact us on

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