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Family Support:
We provide help, support, coaching and resources for children, young people and adults affected by ADHD and their families. 

Our tried and tested  family support includes:

  • Face to Face, E-mail and telephone advice and support - we work directly with you, as a family.

  • Specialist ADHD Coaching 

  • Positive behaviour management courses for parents to ensure a consistent approach in and out of the home. Our courses have shown to improve school attendance, reduce lateness, and enables children to arrive at school and be ready and able to access a learning environment.

  • Support families at school

  • Support families to develop positive relationships with school and strong home school links

  • Support at annual reviews and school meetings

  • Provide relevant information and signpost to other organisations

  • Family Support Groups - these enable parents/carers and children to meet and support each other 

  • Workshops - include Sleep & Diet, Medications, Scripted Language etc


Additional Family Support Services:

Training Courses:

Our courses are written specifically for children and young people who have ADHD.

  • 123 Magic (created by Thomas W Phelan PhD) is recommended for children aged between 2 and 12 years of age. It is usually delivered over 3 sessions, during the day. We've been running this programme since 2002 and have a very high success rate among the hundreds of families who have tried it. 

  • Positive Parenting Solutions, based on the principals of 123 Magic.

  • Parenting Challenging Teens is geared towards the 13 plus age group. It is usually delivered over 4 daytime sessions, with an additional session for the young people themselves.  

Support Group, Family Activities, Activities for children and young people:

  • We host monthly support groups in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. Get in touch to find your nearest group.

  • Activities for young people e.g. outdoor pursuits, sports, trips, exciting workshops.


I have found all the advice very useful and I have learned so much about ADHD. You are always there to talk through problems and you've taught us how to handle situations.


ADHD Solutions CIC is an independent initiative set up to support children young people and adults who have ADHD, their families.

We offer a holistic service based on the needs of the individual. 

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