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We provide help, support, family coaching and resources for children, young people and adults affected by ADHD and their families.
Our family support includes 1 - 1 Support, Support Groups and
general help & advice. 
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ADHD is a complex neurobiological condition caused by an imbalance of some of the neurotransmitters in the brain.


The condition is present from early childhood although diagnosis is not usually made until after the age of 5.


It is pervasive (i.e. occurs in more than one setting) and often persists into adolescence and adulthood.

ADHD is a common condition affecting approximately 5% of the population and it can significantly interfere with everyday life.

ADHD Solutions CIC is an independent initiative set up to support children young people and adults who have ADHD, their families, and the professionals who are working with  them.

We offer a holistic service based on the needs of the individual -

  • For some this will be empowering parents to restore the equilibrium in their home by implementing our behaviour management programme. For others it may be that we work with a child's school to prevent exclusion and enable them to reach their full potential.

  • Adolescents often need help and support with understanding their ADHD, life skills, social and study skills, anger management, and preparation for the transition to the adult world.

  • Our adult clients have often found themselves struggling with organisation, time management and their finances, which can have disastrous consequences both at home and in the work place. By concentrating on individual strengths and identifying areas of concern, we can help our clients overcome these challenges and develop strategies and solutions to become successful partners and parents, hold down a job, become solvent financially, and become successful in all areas of their life.

  • We aim to provide professionals with factual. well researched, up to date information about ADHD to enable them to have a clearer understanding of the difficulties faced by someone with the condition and a range of strategies to use.

We operate on a membership basis. Our annual membership is £60 for the whole year, which is for the whole family.

This equates to just £1.15 per week.


Membership Benefits Include:

  • Access to courses

  • Quarterly newsletters via email

  • Highly discounted activity days

  • Members access via the website

  • Discounted venue hire

  • Use of the Sensory Room - £5 p/h

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Annual Membership

The trips out are WICKED!

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To find out more about our membership options, please email us:

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