Upcoming Events

  • Ninja Warrior!
    Mon, 17 Oct
    Ninja Warrior Leicester
    Come join us as we tackle Leicester's own Ninja Warrior course! 2 hours of climbing, jumping and grappling to success...do you have what it takes?
  • Skirmish Paintball!
    Wed, 19 Oct
    Skirmish Paintball
    Come join us for 5 games of intense paintball action, across a variety of arenas and game modes at Skirmish Paintball! Put on your greens, pick up your weapon and getting shooting! You must be 12+ to take part in this activity. Paintballs can leave marks and bruises, so make sure you are prepared!
  • Centre Activities - Halloween Themed!
    Fri, 21 Oct
    ADHD Solutions
    A day of arts & crafts, sports and Halloween themed activities. Come join us for an exciting day of spooky fun!

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Our holiday clubs/events are open to our members and are suitable for children aged 8 years and over.
Please ensure that we have up to date consent forms and completed One Page Profiles.
Any questions regarding the events, please contact the office.