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ADHD can prove a challenge to both students and teachers alike. We can provide you with the tools to help your students with ADHD succeed.


ADHD is thought to affect between 3 and 9% of school age children.


Children and young people with ADHD are often inattentive which affects their ability to listen well, get started on and keep focused on tasks, and their short-term memory and time management skills. Others will also have hyperactive and impulsive traits that further compromise the above and lead to them distracting themselves and others.

These pervasive difficulties can result in academic under achievement or failure, poor self esteem, social and emotional problems and peer relationship issues. In 70% of cases, someone with ADHD will have a co-existing or overlapping condition e.g. ASD, Dyslexia, anxiety.

Having ADHD can significantly impact on the ability to engage successfully in Education, from primary school through to Higher Education. 


ADHD Solutions can provide you with expert knowledge, advice and training to help give a better knowledge and understanding of what ADHD is, its presentation, and the reasons for this. We offer practical ideas and strategies to help to manage children and young people most effectively in your setting.

Our services include:

  • Whole staff awareness training to provide knowledge/understanding and practical strategies

  • Training on the 123 Magic behaviour management system

  • 1:1 staff coaching for more targeted support for individual children

  • Specific work with TA’s or lunchtime supervisors

  • Group work with students

  • 1:1 coaching with children and young people 

  • Classroom observations with verbal feedback and written reports

  • ADHD Solutions Kitemark for Schools - a programme delivered over 12 months to give primary schools in-depth support to achieve Kitemark status    


Please note that we are able to provide a wide range of support virtually and have done so throughout the pandemic, using whatever virtual platform you are most comfortable with.

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Left me feeling very inspired - want to learn more - to put into practice. Christine put a lot of effort and care in her presentation, Just a huge thank you from us all. We will share it with other co-ordinators I have a clearer understanding of ADHD and how to work more effectively with ADHD students. A really excellent presentation

I will understand their difficulties better and appreciate why they are behaving like they are, praise more - deal with negative behaviour instantly

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