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An increasing number of adults are recognising that they may have ADHD.


Adult support services

An increasing number of adults are recognising that they may have ADHD. Often this will be parents who have attended our All About ADHD session and found they relate to more aspects of what ADHD is than they had previously realised.

For some people it could be due to something they’ve read, seen or heard from books, TV or YouTube, that has triggered their thinking about ADHD, perhaps for the first time. Our adult services are currently quite limited as we are not funded to provide this support, but we recognise its importance and provide as much as we are able, although this will involve some cost.

Services we provide:

Monthly Support Group:


Face to Face Group: First Wednesday of each month. held at our centre in Leicester - Between 7pm to 9pm.

Virtual Group: Second Monday of each month. Held via Microsoft Teams - Between 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

This provides an opportunity for any adult who is either diagnosed or suspects that they may have ADHD to come along and share ideas and experiences in a supportive group of adults.

It is £5 to attend, but free the first time you come along.

'Get A Grip':


Group work programme The ‘Get A Grip’ programme helps adults with ADHD to manage all areas of life over several sessions.


Subjects covered include - time management, planning and organisation, finances and money management, self esteem, social skills and relationships. 


This programme is subject to funding. A contribution from participants may be required.



Coaching sessions can be for personal challenges or for strategies to use in the workplace.

These sessions allow you to develop a greater understanding of ADHD and how it affects

you personally, and find appropriate day to day strategies. These are £50 an hour and can

be accessed virtually.

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